James Goldstein

James Goldstein

Research Director

James Goldstein was the Research Director at Communitas and oversaw work groups and expert-led research. James served in the Communitas Secretariat while being Senior Fellow at Tellus Institute, where he directed the Sustainable Communities Program. His research centers on the development of analytic methods and stakeholder processes in support of community-based initiatives to integrate environmental protection, economic development, and social well-being.

James has over thirty years of experience in the assessment of environmental problems and policies, with a particular emphasis on pollution prevention, solid waste management, and integrated resource planning for water. The current focus of his work is the incorporation of a global perspective in designing local and regional sustainability efforts.

James’ projects at Tellus have included: preparation of a white paper on Sustainable Communities and the Great Transition; development of long-range sustainability scenarios for the Boston metropolitan area; assessment of the potential employment and environmental impacts of enhanced recycling in the US; analysis of the costs and benefits of greening affordable housing; expert consultation on long-range integrated resource planning for water, wastewater and stormwater; and development of a regional climate adaptation strategy. He presents widely on a range of environmental and sustainability issues and holds a B.A. in Geography from Clark University.

Email: jgold@communitascoalition.org


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